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Mouse over map to reveal hot spots

Between the Waters is a virtual tour of Hobcaw Barony. This is a functioning prototype that provides examples of content and interactivity that will be expanded in a future edition.

The home page consists of a map of Hobcaw Barony. Mouse over the map to reveal clickable "hot spots" that open detailed information on landmarks, objects and people.

The site has four focus sites: Friendfield Village, Hobcaw House, the Rice Field, and Clam Bank Landing. Immersive 3D modules allow a user to explore these locations in greater detail. To navigate:

For "Street View" style interfaces use the mouse scroll wheel or track pad to navigate forward and backward through the scenes.

For panoramic interfaces use mouse/left click or the track pad to view a room or landscape in 360 degrees. Click on the red hot spots to open information panels in the panoramas.

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